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Paul Vanderberg, CEO

Badger Daylighting LP

Calgary, Canada

Our organization undertook a massive IT and business transformation with the implementation of ORACLE Cloud (Fusion), which required building a capable IT organization, deploying a wide area network solution and a robust governance structure.  We knew at the outset we needed a strong leader with exceptional leadership skills.  Cheryl and team came on board and Cheryl led as the interim CIO bringing clarity to a complex set of business requirements.  She built a team to address skill gaps, and created a new organization structure.  She impressed our executive team, our Board of Directors and our Systems Integrator with her planning, organization, technical capacity and tireless dedication to achieving an ideal outcome for the business.  
The ultimate roll out was excellent, and seamless.  Needless to say, she provided excellent leadership as a member of our C-Suite and a vital player trusted throughout the organization.  We’d hire Moody Technology again, and recommend her to other organizations embarking on a business transformation.

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