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Interim/Fractional CIO Services = FLEXIBILITY

for point-in-time surgical spend prior to making

long term commitments to permanent roles

Interim CIO
Fractional Interim.jpg

Private Equity owned businesses looking to mitigate risks identified during due diligence often bring in an interim CIO.  Mid-sized businesses also leverage interim CIO services to evaluate and deliver strategic programs.

Fractional CIO

Small to medium size businesses beginning to have significant spend on technology but have no strategy or budget in place.  We can define the strategy and build a budget while placing personnel who can execute the plan.

Private Equity Firms

demand innovation, performance and problem solving skills

We deliver RESULTS

Due Diligence
PE Mergers.jpg

Acquisition targets need evaluation of:

  • IT processes, software and efficacy

  • Partner inventory and efficacy

  • Organization and skills

  • Governance and Compliance

  • Security

Merger Integration

Assist existing leadership team balance competing priorities:

  • Support existing architecture

  • Define integration plan

  • Define future-state architecture

  • Retain critical resources

ERP Delivery

can be your greatest success through


ERP Delivery

Orchestrating the management and delivery of strategic programs such as ERP's requires laser focus and continuous communication with stakeholders. 

Cloud ERP implementations bring timeline constraints that must be meticulously managed.  Your schedule is now at the mercy of your SaaS provider.

ERP Migrations

Whether you are upgrading, going from on-premise to cloud, or choosing a different provider, migrations can be more challenging than green field implementations.  

A comprehensive understanding of as-is and to-be business processes is critical to ensure efficacy and adoption. 

We deliver a full spectrum of IT Services

The New Normal
Business Continuity Planning
Vendor selection.jpg
Technology and Partner Selection
Governance Model Development
Audiovisual Conference
Large Program Leadership
Budget Planning and Development
Communications Strategy
Business Transformation
Agile Transformation
Change Management
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